Tuesday, October 18, 2011

LEGO store


I know it's been a while since I've last posted, three weeks to be exact, but do not fear! I am still alive, just slightly overwhelmed. University has been quite hectic and I have been worked to the point that I am now ill. Contained in my home, I feel the need to do a little reacquaintance with my blog. I have a few posts lined up and photos waiting to be edited, so when I do get the time again I will be right back here!

Recently a LEGO store has opened up in a local mall and I, embracing my inner child, paid a visit last weekend. The store was so lit up, bright, and colourful. I couldn't help but fall in love with the neatly stacked packages along the walls and how the employees would adjust any that they spotted were out of place.

They had these really nifty displays running across the walls of the store of things made of lego.
I'm still extremely impressed by the kind of detail that goes into these things. They're almost not meant for kids anymore.


There was an impressive amount of Star Wars and Harry Potter going on. As well, in the photo above, a wall of lego! I may be one of the very few people my age that was overly-excited to be in there but the heck with it. Next weekend their holding a late grand-opening event where a (this may sound silly) master model builder will be constructing an 8-ft tall Yoda model out of lego bricks. They're inviting people to help and you will receive a Lego brand Star Wars Certificate of Achievement for helping. As nerdy as it sounds, I may just swing by to take a look at this thing.

If you're living near Fairview Mall and are interested you can find more info here!

A thank-you to my friend David who kindly lended me the camera I used to take these photos.

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