Wednesday, September 21, 2011

busy body

New Beat by Toro Y Moi

Just a few photos I took earlier this year. I know I may have been lacking in blog posts, however, it's about three weeks into my first year of university at OCAD. This means that at a time where I'd usually be blogging, I am now working tirelessly to finish assignments. I suppose it will be a little slow around here until I'm comfortable with the workload — but who knows how long that will take. I'll try my best to keep up semi-frequent posts my little cherry blossoms (or what most people call followers)!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

triple exposure

My luck has not been so great with my SLR photo develops. The previous batch before this one turned out blank, which was completely my fault for not loading the film properly, but nonetheless, a heartbreaking incident. This time around I somehow managed to take some double and even triple exposures. The film was damaged as I had trouble unloading it, and there were scratches along the top and bottom of most photos. It was by all means unintentional but then magically serendipitous in the end. I had a go at trying to salvage most of the ones that needed saving and these are the few that made the cut!

The last two photos above are my triple exposure gems. You can clearly see the sort of split-screen effect but there's also a trail of hanging lights going across both, making it three photos in one. Since I remember each photo I took, I could easily pick out which parts were from each seperate exposure. I noticed that the two opposite halves of each photo were the matching halves to one shot of lavenders I had taken. So with Photoshop I decided to piece these two together and create the completed photo below. Voila!

I will upload all these photos to my photostream on Flickr soon!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

white squirrel

After a morning at our university,
Hazel and I ventured to Jonathan + Olivia where she purchased a brand spankin' new Fjallraven Kanken backpack for school. Since I had no money to spend, especially in such a high-end store, I spent my time petting the store's adorable, black pug and of course taking these few pictures. Mark my words, I will be back with money in hand, however long that may take.

After stumbling in and out of stores here and there, we decided to visit White Squirrel Coffee Shop. I had myself a delicious lemonade and walnut brownie while Hazel had the ice-cream above! It was the perfect end to a sunny day, excluding the part where we got on the wrong streetcar home, but that seems to reoccur with us quite often.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

chocolate shoes

Contrary to the post title, there are no shoes made of chocolate. Chocolate shoes is merely a brand of shoes. A little while back I visited Durumi & Chocolate Shoes not knowing a thing about the store. It was the window display that caught my eye (more notably the "SALE" sign). After sifting through some racks I was told that almost all the clothing was an additional 30% off and all shoes were 20% off. With this news, I went back to the items I liked at first-browse and picked them up to try on. I ended up really liking a pair of comfy, mustard coloured shorts. After the discount it came up to around $23. I think it was money well spent.

They even had jewellery on sale which were gorgeous and had some really nice detail.

I'm not sure why I include photos where I look slightly psychotic, but by this time we had made it into Eaton Centre with the intention of visiting the new Wilfred store. Of course, let's not forget, we stumbled into Chapters where I had taken these three next photos.The design of the Wilfred store is just beautiful. The brand itself has been one of my favourites from the mix at Aritzia. I especially love the art and decor in the store. See more photos of the interior as well as exterior here.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

another day on queen

A good chunk of this little shopping trip was spent at The Paper Place. For the first time, I was actually buying paper. It's never a quick stop at a store when I'm buying something however. I'm a troubled gal who has a hard time making decisions, even if it's just between colours. The Paper Place has the loveliest colours and it was hard to choose just one without feeling a little remorse for the ones I did not choose. I ended up picking a cardstock in a creamy, light green colour cleverly named Avocado. I also picked up the printed pencil case you might have seen me mention in a previous blog post.
new on my wishlist.
Once I had gotten what I came for I spent the rest of the day hopping in and out of stores like Type Books, Robber, and Meg. And we can't forget lunch! I stopped in Arepa for a quick afternoon bite and some lemonade. After this year, lemonade has become my summer staple drink.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

the ex

A shaky shot from the ferris wheel at night.

One of the most notable things of the CNE is the food. What I was going to eat was really all I was planning around, then rides, games, prizes, and shows fell in the mix after. On my CNE eats list: deep-fried PB & J sandwiches, corndogs, Tiny Tom doughnuts, ice-cream & waffles, and lemonade. Unfortunately, my pocket change was not sparing enough for all these things but I had most of them. The corndog is always the staple though — I've never been to the CNE and passed up a corndog.

Tiny Tom doughnuts tossed in icing sugar.

These babies were the highlight for me. Although this day was filled with deep-fried anything and everything, I give myself one day in a year to go nuts. I'll be back for these next year.
By night, and after beating out several children and spending several dollars, I scored myself these Domo twins and a Despicable Me minion. I was also able to attend the Superdogs show and watch adorable pups do tricks, which is always fun. I even got to squish my toes in the sand at the CNE "beach". Later when all the lights came on I had some fun with bokeh and long exposures.
It was a long day but all worth it. I slept like a baby that night.