Saturday, September 10, 2011

chocolate shoes

Contrary to the post title, there are no shoes made of chocolate. Chocolate shoes is merely a brand of shoes. A little while back I visited Durumi & Chocolate Shoes not knowing a thing about the store. It was the window display that caught my eye (more notably the "SALE" sign). After sifting through some racks I was told that almost all the clothing was an additional 30% off and all shoes were 20% off. With this news, I went back to the items I liked at first-browse and picked them up to try on. I ended up really liking a pair of comfy, mustard coloured shorts. After the discount it came up to around $23. I think it was money well spent.

They even had jewellery on sale which were gorgeous and had some really nice detail.

I'm not sure why I include photos where I look slightly psychotic, but by this time we had made it into Eaton Centre with the intention of visiting the new Wilfred store. Of course, let's not forget, we stumbled into Chapters where I had taken these three next photos.The design of the Wilfred store is just beautiful. The brand itself has been one of my favourites from the mix at Aritzia. I especially love the art and decor in the store. See more photos of the interior as well as exterior here.

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