Saturday, September 17, 2011

triple exposure

My luck has not been so great with my SLR photo develops. The previous batch before this one turned out blank, which was completely my fault for not loading the film properly, but nonetheless, a heartbreaking incident. This time around I somehow managed to take some double and even triple exposures. The film was damaged as I had trouble unloading it, and there were scratches along the top and bottom of most photos. It was by all means unintentional but then magically serendipitous in the end. I had a go at trying to salvage most of the ones that needed saving and these are the few that made the cut!

The last two photos above are my triple exposure gems. You can clearly see the sort of split-screen effect but there's also a trail of hanging lights going across both, making it three photos in one. Since I remember each photo I took, I could easily pick out which parts were from each seperate exposure. I noticed that the two opposite halves of each photo were the matching halves to one shot of lavenders I had taken. So with Photoshop I decided to piece these two together and create the completed photo below. Voila!

I will upload all these photos to my photostream on Flickr soon!

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