Tuesday, September 6, 2011

another day on queen

A good chunk of this little shopping trip was spent at The Paper Place. For the first time, I was actually buying paper. It's never a quick stop at a store when I'm buying something however. I'm a troubled gal who has a hard time making decisions, even if it's just between colours. The Paper Place has the loveliest colours and it was hard to choose just one without feeling a little remorse for the ones I did not choose. I ended up picking a cardstock in a creamy, light green colour cleverly named Avocado. I also picked up the printed pencil case you might have seen me mention in a previous blog post.
new on my wishlist.
Once I had gotten what I came for I spent the rest of the day hopping in and out of stores like Type Books, Robber, and Meg. And we can't forget lunch! I stopped in Arepa for a quick afternoon bite and some lemonade. After this year, lemonade has become my summer staple drink.

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