Sunday, August 21, 2011

park lunch

It was a short but sweet trip on Queen St. I grabbed lunch at Chippy's, which I've been craving all summer. We wandered across the street to the park to eat our fish & chips there. It's absolutely relaxing to sit in the park mid-day. A bonus is the amount of adorable dogs that pass through.

For dessert we stopped by Nadége, this darling French pastisserie nearby. Since I was trying to make my visits snappy I took very few photos of the place, but I hope to return again to take some better shots. The design of the cafe is beautiful in its minimalist style.

I picked up two macarons: blackberry chocolate (above) and cappucino (below).

I also visited Preloved and The Paper Place while I was around. The Paper Place might as well have been made for me. Growing up I was always the kid who carefully unwrapped gifts to save the wrapping — even the bows and ribbons. I was also the kid who would tediously follow instructions to make perfectly folded origami creations. In fact, I'm very much the same person today.

The Paper Place is my go-to paper goods store. They have the cutest selection as well as other little knick knacks. I'm definitely visiting again soon for these silk screened pencil cases!

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Anonymous said...

All these places look so wonderful! OH, and I'm thinking of going down to Nadege soon before school starts, though I'm curious as to what the price range is?