Saturday, August 6, 2011

the annex

I had a hot, sweaty, fun, and wonderful day earlier this week. It started off at Snakes & Lattes which, due to some missing bodies, unexpectedly turned into a girls day. It was my first visit there and I have to say it has a lovely ambiance as well as almost any game you can think of and a yummy menu to choose from. We spent our time playing Cards Against Humanity and, being the artists we are, Pictionary. With good company, you really can't go wrong here.

After packing up at Snakes & Lattes, we made our way out through the neighbourhood and into Honest Ed's and The Beguiling too. For those of you who don't know, The Beguiling is home to many comics, graphic novels, and original artwork as well. I intend to return there soon with some pocket money to rekindle my love for Cardcaptors. A large chunk of my tween years went to watching this cartoon but it did originate as a comic which they happen to sell at The Beguiling. This is where I unleash my nerd-like and undoubtedly Asian self.

Again, we kept moving and now onto the quest of filling our bellies. Hazel bought herself some frozen yogurt at Menchies, this adorable build-your-own frozen yogurt joint. That you see below is red velvet!

We also stopped by Smoke's Poutinerie for the poutine-lovin' Sonya. While waiting for the poutine to be ready, outside the shop I came across a ton a knick knacks on the curb accompanied by a peculiar sign that read, "FREE STUFF, FOR REAL". Sitting on top of an abandoned office desk was a pair of dingy bongos. They were slightly worn but they were still in tact and not far away from a tune up. I was really hesistant to take them—fearing that I'd be on some TV show— but a man leaned against the building smoking who seemed to be a neighbour assured me that it was okay to take them because someone was moving out.

As the day wound down and our water supply ran dry, we saw no other solution than to buy a watermelon to eat. I think it makes sense. We snapped up this lovely quarter and although we couldn't find any knifes, we did find spoons which made out fairly well. Nothing better than a quarter of a watermelon under a tree in a park on a sunny day.

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