Saturday, August 6, 2011

good egg

One of my favourite spots in Kensington Market has to be Good Egg. It's a sweet little shop full of books and tools devoted to the art and culture of food, as well as some other silly knick knacks. Just the appearance is bright, colourful, and inviting. The place just makes me wish I had my own home and kitchen so I could fill it accordingly.

It's fun to spoil yourself here but you can spoil others too. I've picked up a couple gifts here in the past and they have a great selection of quirky greeting cards too! On top of all that, they offer cooking classes which I'd like to take up in the near future.

Good Egg even has an adorable map of Kensington and marked a ton of spots to visit.

The other day I also got the chance to try Big Fat Burrito. It was mighty delicious. I even found one of my favourite brands of soda there—Boylan's black cherry soda. I'm not sure if the photo above is mouth-watering and appealing or disgusting. You can be the judge of that. I had myself a chicken burrito filled with almost everything. It's a wonder how they fit so much into such a small tortilla. Even though the heat of the burrito added to the heat of the sun, boy was it worth it.

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Hazel said...

I really want to go here, Amanda! I've been waiting for the rain to let up so I can head there to buy an issue of Uppercase Magazine which, coincidentally, is in one of the photos you posted (the magazine with the dog on the cover). They only that magazine in a few select places and I've been DESPERATE to get an issue. Urgh, stupid rain!