Thursday, March 29, 2012

summer snippet

1 & 2 Wilfred boutique interior/3 Fabric & Buttons, Queen St. West/4 AGO framework/5 & 6 Blurry Self/7 Milk Black Bubble Tea — signature drink/8 Field Notes — favourite pocket sketchbook

As promised, here's another handful of photos from what I'd like to label "the best batch of print turnouts from my Pentax film camera so far" or something catchier. These particular ones were taken when summer started winding down in August and September. It's really been ages since I started this roll of film because I'm so sparing the things I choose to shoot. I've uncovered some expired Kodak film in home recently though. Not exactly free film but I'm going to try and be more spontaneous with the next roll!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

the black keys & arctic monkeys: the concert

What a night. Both the Arctic Monkeys and The Black Keys were amazing! You've probably already seen me mention how much I loved the concert in previous posts and if you follow me on twitter as well. I apologize for the subpar photos though. I brought along a better camera but they wouldn't allow cameras with a lens over 35mm inside. Such a shame! But I did manage to capture quite a bit of it on my trusty digital camera. The lot of it was so good. The Arctic Monkeys were perfectly on point; Matt Helders was just incredible and Alex Turner's voice was gold. And when The Black Keys came out the energy in the crowd was absolutely nuts. I couldn't have asked for a better pairing of bands!

Friday, March 23, 2012

favourite pup

Here's another two prints off of my third film batch! Let me introduce to you Kairo, my boyfriend's husky. He's the most lovable dog; just look at those sweet brown eyes! Although huskies are quite big, Kairo is small for his age. Nevertheless, he's grown a ton since he first came home. Kairo is turning two in just a few days! So happy birthday to my favourite pup.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

the black keys & arctic monkeys: pre-concert

Last wednesday I was incredibly lucky to see two of my favourite bands live in one night, The Black Keys and Arctic Monkeys! A two for one concert if you will. In anticipation of the concert and with a fondness for the Thorowgood Sans Shaded font, I ordered this Black Keys tee through their merch store online. And as I approached the stadium with a skip in my step, feeling like a special little snowflake, I started to spot more and more people in the same top. I'm not sure why I thought I would be one of few to have it; they were being sold there. So although I was crushed by the fact, I was pleased to find that the t-shirts were the same price as I had purchased mine. My one lasting gripe is that I didn't have an Arctic Monkeys tee to sport for the first half.

Before the concert I had dinner at Fran's. Known as "the restaurant that never closes", they are open 24/7, 365 days a year and on holidays. We ordered the fettucine alfredo, burger sliders and a side of sweet potato fries— true comfort food.

More pictures in a "part two" post to come!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

wishlist tumblr

Close to my birthday last November I created a "wishlist tumblr" to aid my friends in the gift-searching game. And although both my birthday and Christmas have passed, and any other gift-giving holiday, I've still been quietly adding to the list. It's become quite a fun little past time of mine, similar to those wishlist collages I used to make. So like those collages, I figured I'd share this with you all. This blog can be accessed at (the url name was in response to my friend's wishlist tumblr named 'greenhippopotamuses'). Bare in mind that this is my very own "want" catalogue with no regard for prices or attainability. You'll notice that the tagline description reads "Everything is expensive". It's true.

Here are just a few snapshots of pages from my wishlist blog.

For future reference, I'll be adding this site to the "find me elsewhere" section on the right sidebar of this blog.

Friday, March 16, 2012

dark horse

Song: Older Brother by Pepper Rabbit

If you've been following by blog over the last year you'll know that these film uploads have become a thing of mine. This most recent set will be my third off of my Pentax camera. I am incredibly pleased with this batch. I think I'm hitting closer to mark with the manual settings and becoming quite comfortable with an SLR. All 24 of the exposures turned out! With that said I thought it would be a better idea to seperate them over a few blog posts than jamming the lot into one. The two shots above were taken at one of my favourite coffee stops, Dark Horse Espresso Bar. I always adore the latte art in the foam of the coffee, such a charming touch! These photos and more will be uploaded here and over on my flickr photostream soon.

I've been listening to Pepper Rabbit's Red Velvet Snow Ball album as my study soundtrack as of late. And in other music-related news, two nights ago I had the best time at the The Black Keys with Arctic Monkeys concert! Two of my favourite bands fused into a three and a half hour set of awesomeness. I'll have to get some pictures of that up as well!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

madewell march catalog

Refinery 29 has released a snippet of Madewell's March catalog accompanied by their own little wardrobe tips for travel. I've been loving all the new arrivals on Madewell lately, continuously browsing and lusting all the spring colours. My favourite piece has to be the Stucco Stripe Songbird Dress paired with a demin shirt like in the photo below. I would be shopping Madewell all the time if there were one in Toronto. Instead I'll continue to drool in front of my laptop screen over lookbooks and catalogs. I've even put my address in to receive a hard copy of catalogs in the mail.

Madewell's March catalog debuts March 6th. Check out Refinery 29 for these photos and tips on the perfect travel wardrobe.