Friday, March 16, 2012

dark horse

Song: Older Brother by Pepper Rabbit

If you've been following by blog over the last year you'll know that these film uploads have become a thing of mine. This most recent set will be my third off of my Pentax camera. I am incredibly pleased with this batch. I think I'm hitting closer to mark with the manual settings and becoming quite comfortable with an SLR. All 24 of the exposures turned out! With that said I thought it would be a better idea to seperate them over a few blog posts than jamming the lot into one. The two shots above were taken at one of my favourite coffee stops, Dark Horse Espresso Bar. I always adore the latte art in the foam of the coffee, such a charming touch! These photos and more will be uploaded here and over on my flickr photostream soon.

I've been listening to Pepper Rabbit's Red Velvet Snow Ball album as my study soundtrack as of late. And in other music-related news, two nights ago I had the best time at the The Black Keys with Arctic Monkeys concert! Two of my favourite bands fused into a three and a half hour set of awesomeness. I'll have to get some pictures of that up as well!


Lola said...

Amazing, the contrast between background and the coffee looks SO good, i am still learning how to make most of my dslr and im still n good. :/


Amanda said...

Lola: Thanks! I'm sure you'll get the hang of it. It's all about experimenting!