Saturday, October 30, 2010

my wishlist: the luxuries

As promised, this is my second wishlist. This wishlist includes a bunch of things I want but not all of them. I fear I may have to a make a part two. I feel bad enough about the whole thing but what the hey, I'm having fun making these collages! This picture is plagued with little pink spots like some sort of number infectious disease. It is the result of me wanting too many things. No further introduction is really needed, so here is my wishlist!

1. Aerie Bow Studs; Adorable little guys. Upon my last trip to Aerie I only had enough money for one pair and I had to choose between these and little golden hearts. I regret not getting them but I still love my little hearts.

Wilfred Leopard Scarf; If you haven't already read the story, go. I still have hopes of owning this, therefore, it is on my wishlist. A metre of soft, leopardy goodness. Not real leopard of course. That would be scary.

GAP Printed Ruffle Blouse; The Gap website is completely unpredictable. Sometimes what you're looking for is there and other days it's not. I can't find this top online anymore but I swear it exists! I just linked the website homepage for now.

American Apparel Flower Mesh Jumper; Is it so ridiculous that I want this jumper? For a while I didn't think people in real life wore this and I was afraid to even want it but I recently saw a girl wearing the white version. I am now fully convinced that this is normal. Okay, well not fully but I still love it! Oddly enough, this girl was working in Aritzia. Shouldn't you be representing your own store missy? But enough of my rambling. I want this in 'blossom', otherwise known as light pink.

Wilfred Cotton Cashmere Sweater; The internet hates me. Again, I have gone looking for something on a website and it has disappeared from existence. This sweater was once on the Aritzia website but three hours later and I cannot find it. For now I'll just link you guys to the Fall/Winter Runway. It's on there if you just peruse on through.

Wilfred Woven Wool Scarf; It looks quite dainty but it also can be spread out and used as a poncho! I like ponchos.

T. Babaton Peacoat Coat; In tan. I've been searching far and wide for jacket like this but with a less harsh price than this.

AE Gem Ring; Does this item still exist? Usually months after an item has been around it disappears from the American Eagle website and from internet existence entirely. But this one seems to stick around. So maybe there's still hope of me having it. I pressume it would have to be ordered online though. Note: I have small fingers.

Square Vintage Posts; I just simply like these.

American Apparel El Salvador Lace Tee; Been wanting a lacey tee like this. There's a bunch of variations to choose from at American Apparel. This is one of my favourites.

Ceramic Elephant Ring Holder; Isn't he darling? This cutie is actually quite small, about four inches tall, but is perfect for me! I only have about two rings to stack on his face and besides, I love elephants. I'm thinking I should start a collection. Please let me own him!

Study Hall Glasses; Just for fun. If I could have real glasses like this I would be so happy.

Wilfred Vintage Lace Dress; IT'S BEAUTIFUL and I lack lace in my life.

GAP Funnel Coat; The better buy of those Aritzia coats I want.

Mini Diana Camera; I've been dying to have my own little piece of the analog world. A mini Diana is far more cute and less expensive than the original size.

BDG Fisherman Cardigan; It's no denying that I love this tone of mustard yellow now. I adore this sweater! In need of some big, comfy cardigans.

Bowler Hat; I have no link to provide except for maybe Aritzia. They are selling this hat there but it isn't evident on their website. I love hats, although most of the ones I own are for winter and decorated with tassles and pom poms. Need a suave, sophisticated hat when I'm out clinking champagne glasses with bigshot, Hollywood hills people with investments and high noses. Okay, even if I was out with these imaginary people I wouldn't be wearing a bowler hat. I'd probably be out with Charlie Chaplin instead.

(I ramble too much.)

Well that's all for now. I'm sure there'll be a part two of this seeing as I never stopped browsing and internet "window shopping". So until then, hang tight. I have much to blog about and so little time. I promise when I get the chance I'll spin out a whole whack of posts. Last night I had the pleasure of going down to the
Toronto International Art Fair, and it is definitely blog-worthy.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

my wishlist: the essentials

My birthday is coming up, and in all childish excitement I have made a wishlist—in a magazine cut-out style. I thought it be a small little list but as I started writing the list grew bigger and bigger! It seems quite self-indulgent but I must provide my friends with ideas and at the same time upkeep an interesting blog. Therefore, I will continue to add more and more. I decided my entire wishlist will be seperated into two parts; the essentials and the luxuries. The essentials being the little missing things from my wardrobe and the luxuries well, put bluntly, things I want. Of course after posting those two I may have more things to add so perhaps it will be three or four parts? How selfish. I do admit I am a bit of a shopping addict and so I want a lot of things. Lately I've spent my time trying to sell my old clothes and be thrifty with the lunch money I spend to gather up some pocket money. I desperately need a job. But anywho, I should get on to explaining this list or else you'll have a terrible time scrolling back and forth between the descriptions and the pictured wishlist over this paragraph. A note that these wishlists will also be transferable to Christmas, which is also coming around quite soon. Better start the holiday shopping!

1. Base Coat, Top Coat; I really want to own many nail polish colours and have the joy of matching them with my outfit but before I can go as far, I must have a good base coat and top coat to protect my nails and then the colour. OPI and Sephora by OPI are probably on the more expensive side but I'd settle for Loreal, available at most drug stores.

2. Gap Lightweight Wool Blazer, Talula Wool Blazer; I've been searching for a grey blazer even since I let go of one at Urban Outfitters a couple months back. They both look quite identical but I believe the Gap one is cheaper.

3. Banana Republic Classis Trench, AE Classic Trench; Worn with some dark shades and red lipstick, I'll look like a super sleuth mystery woman ahaha.

4. AE Pointelle Loop Scarf; Easy to match with many things I already own.

5. AE Ruffled Favourite Shirt; I want a ruffley white shirt for school although this isn't really a priority on my list. An even better ruffley shirt is selling at Plastic Skyline but I'm unable to provide the link right now. This Plastic Skyline shirt would be more versatile and not just for school.

6. BDG Fisherman Cardigan; I really want a big, ivory, knit cardigan! Another similar one at Urban Outfitters is this one.

7. Silence & Noise Tailor Pleated Short; Perfect for all year around!

8. Cooperative Tie-Front Twill Pants; Almost number one on my list. I'm really tired of jeans and wonderful tapered pants are so cute and spiffy. Other awesome tapered pants from Aritzia are here and here.

9. Aritzia Cotton/Spandex Bustier; NEEDED. Available at Aritzia or TNA stores. Any white, nude, or light pink colour will suffice.

10. Rocket Dog Western Boot; I WANT THESE SO MUCH. Already asking my parents for an early birthday gift but I'm not sure if they'll come through.

That's all for now on the "essentials" list, although I did forget to include various Minnetonka's I've been eyeing. I'll link you guys here and here and include them and more on my next list. The colours seem quite bland but I promise colourful things next time.

To list a few, here are some of my favourite stores accessible around here: Urban Outfitters, Aritzia, Aerie, Gap, American Apparel, American Eagle, Anthropologie, and Little Burgundy. There is more to come on my next wishlist post. Hope this helps my amigos!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

dirty windows.

"Hey, it's been two weeks since your last post! This is surely not what any good blogger would let happen. What's the matter with you?!" what I've been saying to myself lately.

Please excuse my absence, I've been uber busy! And...all my friends were doing it! Oh the peer pressure at my mere age. But seriously, since my blogger friends are becoming reacquainted with the internet I think I should do as much.

I'm starting to miss the impeccable sunlight I got in photos during the summer. It's sad to say most of my photos will be indoors for the winter — like hibernation for my camera. But on to the meaty stuff! To satisfy this post I shall fill it with pictures of a sunset taken in March. Like I said before, I'll slowly fill this blog with photos I've been yearning to share over the past year or so. I'll be sure to get to better, meaty, and more recent update posts soon! One of my best buddies has been urging me to make a wishlist for my upcoming birthday and I hope to get that post up within the next couple days. Afterall, my birthday is in only 27 days and I'm supposedly difficult to shop for.

I thought this batch of sunset pictures were the best pictures I had ever taken at the time. Silly me. So here I present to you pictures of a sunset and the illuminated dust on my window in front of it.

Upon my looking through these photos I stumbled across my lowly biology blog layout of last year. I was horribly concerned with the appearance of my blog (my biology teacher was also my art teacher) and so I procrastinated the post of any assignments. Even more so, I never ended up doing any posts which costed me marks. But on the bright side, look how pretty! Thank you Hazel for coding my layout!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

into the woods

Woodland Trails!

For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, Woodland Trails is a quaint little camp area and the location of our school's annual grade nine art trip. In my first year of highschool I had the pleasure of visiting this place and now, four years later, I am coming back again. This time around I'm a leader! To be honest I didn't know what to expect of the day. I'm not so much of the leader type so I was worried about having to yell or scold or something along those lines. But they were great! We were lucky to get a shy group. These kids were also very dedicated and I'll tell you why in a minute.

Their task for the day was to use nature to construct something that represents the word that was given to them. They weren't allowed to pluck leaves or pull branches; only "dead" things were permitted. Our group's word was diversity. At first, and I think this goes for every group, they were obsessed with digging a hole. Once you hand them a shovel they just want to have at the ground. But after they had their idea in mind they were well on their way and surprisingly, there was no digging involved. The poor little munchkins were so determined to finish on time that they worked through lunch, missing out on roasting marshmallows and all, though it did pay off! They received a good critique and we marked them accordingly. Tens for everyone! (okay, I'm lying.)

All in all, it was a really good day and the result was some really awesome, woodsy photos (yes, woodsy is a word). I was obsessed with the great bokeh I was getting in the woods. The colours were beautiful and especially pretty because of autumn. And may I just add that I love the smell of camp fires.

exploring faces

On a rainy day I decided to play around with my IKEA "spotlight" lamp. Using myself as the subject, I snapped a bunch of pictures of my unruly hair and my eyes. My camera has never been this clear! The lighting brought out incredible depth and clarity to my photos and I can't wait to experiment with it again. I took many more photos than just four but I'm quite picky as to what makes it on here.

what I look like without glasses.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

shabd alexander.

As a bit of a follow up to the post about my Baggu bag, I wanted to do a post on Shabd Alexander. Her collaboration with Baggu has resulted in a wonderful line of tie dye backpacks and totes. Other than that, her own collections are refreshing and also easily recognized. She is known for her work with tie dye. Everything has a sort of astronomical/celestial inspiration. Below I've picked out a few of my favourites but more can be seen here. I absolutely adore the tie dye tote and scarves alike.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

colours of the wind

Last Wednesday, the sky was absolutely beautiful. It reminded me of Pocahontas, hence the post title. While I was taking these pictures I was frustrated with my camera. It wouldn't focus right like it normally does when there's more sun in the sky. Even with my hand sticking out of my window it didn't seem right. The photos turned out kind of grainy which I now realize is a great effect. The clouds look whispy and the sky was very whimsical. The colours you see are exactly how the sky looked - no editing, I swear. All the photos were taken between 6:11 and 6:19 PM. It's amazing how the sky can change so much in just eight minutes.

Yesterday I learned that when you add block letters to photos like this it makes the words look important.