Sunday, October 24, 2010

my wishlist: the essentials

My birthday is coming up, and in all childish excitement I have made a wishlist—in a magazine cut-out style. I thought it be a small little list but as I started writing the list grew bigger and bigger! It seems quite self-indulgent but I must provide my friends with ideas and at the same time upkeep an interesting blog. Therefore, I will continue to add more and more. I decided my entire wishlist will be seperated into two parts; the essentials and the luxuries. The essentials being the little missing things from my wardrobe and the luxuries well, put bluntly, things I want. Of course after posting those two I may have more things to add so perhaps it will be three or four parts? How selfish. I do admit I am a bit of a shopping addict and so I want a lot of things. Lately I've spent my time trying to sell my old clothes and be thrifty with the lunch money I spend to gather up some pocket money. I desperately need a job. But anywho, I should get on to explaining this list or else you'll have a terrible time scrolling back and forth between the descriptions and the pictured wishlist over this paragraph. A note that these wishlists will also be transferable to Christmas, which is also coming around quite soon. Better start the holiday shopping!

1. Base Coat, Top Coat; I really want to own many nail polish colours and have the joy of matching them with my outfit but before I can go as far, I must have a good base coat and top coat to protect my nails and then the colour. OPI and Sephora by OPI are probably on the more expensive side but I'd settle for Loreal, available at most drug stores.

2. Gap Lightweight Wool Blazer, Talula Wool Blazer; I've been searching for a grey blazer even since I let go of one at Urban Outfitters a couple months back. They both look quite identical but I believe the Gap one is cheaper.

3. Banana Republic Classis Trench, AE Classic Trench; Worn with some dark shades and red lipstick, I'll look like a super sleuth mystery woman ahaha.

4. AE Pointelle Loop Scarf; Easy to match with many things I already own.

5. AE Ruffled Favourite Shirt; I want a ruffley white shirt for school although this isn't really a priority on my list. An even better ruffley shirt is selling at Plastic Skyline but I'm unable to provide the link right now. This Plastic Skyline shirt would be more versatile and not just for school.

6. BDG Fisherman Cardigan; I really want a big, ivory, knit cardigan! Another similar one at Urban Outfitters is this one.

7. Silence & Noise Tailor Pleated Short; Perfect for all year around!

8. Cooperative Tie-Front Twill Pants; Almost number one on my list. I'm really tired of jeans and wonderful tapered pants are so cute and spiffy. Other awesome tapered pants from Aritzia are here and here.

9. Aritzia Cotton/Spandex Bustier; NEEDED. Available at Aritzia or TNA stores. Any white, nude, or light pink colour will suffice.

10. Rocket Dog Western Boot; I WANT THESE SO MUCH. Already asking my parents for an early birthday gift but I'm not sure if they'll come through.

That's all for now on the "essentials" list, although I did forget to include various Minnetonka's I've been eyeing. I'll link you guys here and here and include them and more on my next list. The colours seem quite bland but I promise colourful things next time.

To list a few, here are some of my favourite stores accessible around here: Urban Outfitters, Aritzia, Aerie, Gap, American Apparel, American Eagle, Anthropologie, and Little Burgundy. There is more to come on my next wishlist post. Hope this helps my amigos!

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