Saturday, October 23, 2010

dirty windows.

"Hey, it's been two weeks since your last post! This is surely not what any good blogger would let happen. What's the matter with you?!" what I've been saying to myself lately.

Please excuse my absence, I've been uber busy! And...all my friends were doing it! Oh the peer pressure at my mere age. But seriously, since my blogger friends are becoming reacquainted with the internet I think I should do as much.

I'm starting to miss the impeccable sunlight I got in photos during the summer. It's sad to say most of my photos will be indoors for the winter — like hibernation for my camera. But on to the meaty stuff! To satisfy this post I shall fill it with pictures of a sunset taken in March. Like I said before, I'll slowly fill this blog with photos I've been yearning to share over the past year or so. I'll be sure to get to better, meaty, and more recent update posts soon! One of my best buddies has been urging me to make a wishlist for my upcoming birthday and I hope to get that post up within the next couple days. Afterall, my birthday is in only 27 days and I'm supposedly difficult to shop for.

I thought this batch of sunset pictures were the best pictures I had ever taken at the time. Silly me. So here I present to you pictures of a sunset and the illuminated dust on my window in front of it.

Upon my looking through these photos I stumbled across my lowly biology blog layout of last year. I was horribly concerned with the appearance of my blog (my biology teacher was also my art teacher) and so I procrastinated the post of any assignments. Even more so, I never ended up doing any posts which costed me marks. But on the bright side, look how pretty! Thank you Hazel for coding my layout!

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