Sunday, September 26, 2010

my baggu

$32 Baggu backpack in nutmeg - Urban Outfitters

Oh, sweet luck! Finally after months of wanting, I have obtained the Baggu backpack! If you haven't heard of Baggu, they're a great little company who started off by producing reusable grocery bags and furthered that into making other kinds of bags. Their bags are recognizable for their solid colour and simple design. The backpack version is just one of many other styles to choose from. In my case though, I needed a backpack for school and my former Gap satchel was too expensive and delicate to uphold to the abuse that is school.
So here I am, a couple months later after discovering Baggu bags existed, and had given up hope of ever having one. When I first saw this bag I immediately emailed customer service inquiring of where to buy one in my area. Unfortunately, the only Baggu's here were the originals being sold at Chapters. Although, she did say the Shabd edition was available at a shop on Queen St. West, quite a good second choice. The Shabd versions are lovely hand dyed, limited edition bags which I wouldn't mind owning. They're by Brooklyn based artist and designer Shabd Alexander; she has some really great stuff if you're in to acid wash and tie dye.

Anywho, back to my story!

This past friday I was downtown for the university fair. The whole thing turned out to be quite pointless to me so within half an hour we were out of there. On a day dedicated to the university fair, we were carelessly strolling through downtown in the direction of the mall.
Urban Outfitters is always on my list when I'm downtown because it is one of two that we have in Toronto. I intended to look for this camera bag I had seen online. But to my surprise, misplaced on the front of a clothes rack hidden in that little space under the staircase hung the Baggu backpack in nutmeg. I didn't know it existed at Urban Outfitters but mostly because I don't browse through the men's bags online. It was sheer luck, a bag sent from heaven! And for the rest of the day I couldn't help but walk around with a silly smile wiped across my face. The only sacrifice of this wonderful bag was not being able to buy these on sale, high-waisted shorts from Aritzia. Although I wouldn't have been able to wear them until next year, I would be much happier knowing I have something new waiting for me next summer. It was also a great discount. On the bright side, I have my Baggu backpack and a new pair of Talula acid wash leggings!

$30 acid wash leggings - Aritzia

$79 $55 twill & leather satchel - GAP

P.S. that little plushie sitting in the corner is Amos; my little friend that I created.

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