Sunday, September 26, 2010

my one follower.

Last friday marks the day of my one and only official follower's birthday! Okay, so I don't think she's my only follower but the only one with a blogger account who is able to click 'follow'. This is quite sad but nonetheless, I shall honour my one follower! Me and my buddy took a trip to Fairview Mall to fetch a small gift for our friend. I know she wants Aritzia swag so we couldn't go wrong with this gift. Although the gift card is not much, it's something! And something more than the locker wrapping we so carefully planned last year. After an hour of rigorous wrapping this is the result! I absolutely love wrapping gifts. It's something I pride myself on. I know, it's lame but frighteningly true. By the way, the varsity jacket is relevant because it's something off her wishlist from Aritzia.

me & my other half

The gift card is something I cannot wait to draw in my shopping journal! It's so awesome, and reloadable! This means you can keep it forever. So all I must do now is catch up on my drawings. The purchases are piling up and I can't find the time to draw them! Oh summer, how I want you back.

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