Sunday, September 12, 2010

mustard craving.

Oh hi there, Aritzia Fall/Winter collection. It pains me to see such wonderful but expensive clothes. I long to own just one article of mustard coloured clothing and the new aritzia apparel are tempting me! The skirt, the top, the jacket, the shorts, and even the shoes. But unfortunately, I don't think they sell the shoes.

Upon my last visit to Aritzia I fell deeply in love with a leopard print scarf. As I picked up the scarf in search of the price tag, an employee approached me with excitement in her eyes, "Isn't it a great scarf?!". I quickly agreed with her and we both gauked over the beautiful piece of cloth. After she left I finally discovered the price tag; $68. Woe is me. But I have hopes that one day it will go on sale and be mine!

Besides this scarf, the nude Wilfred harem pants, Wilfred cotton cashmere sweater, and Wilfred vintage lace dress are some of my other top picks. There's a T.Babaton funnel coat in a camel colour I absolutely love but it's so ridiculously expensive I won't even go into detail. The Talula mittens are also adorable. I just think mittens are so cute!

Aritzia gift card anyone?

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