Thursday, August 25, 2011

arepa café

The other night I grabbed a late-night bite at Arepa Café. It's this great little Venezuelan place at 490 Queen St. West. Essentially an arepa is a sort of pancake-like bread made of cornmeal or flour dough and then stuffed with whatever ingredients. With my first time having one I decided to get the Reina Pepiada, which they nicknamed "The Curvy Queen". It was filled with chicken, avocado, ren onions, and coriander. Extremely delicious!
I also got to try some epanadas, and a brownie and alfajor for dessert. Everything was so great there — the food, the casual setting, the artwork, the friendly staff. Consider me a return customer.
Visit Arepa Café's blog here for more info.


Hazel said...

Now I'm craving empanadas. :9

You should really tell these restaurants that you're writing these nice reviews! Maybe they'll give you free food, lol

Gabrielle - I LIKE IT FAST said...

That food looks divineeee