Saturday, July 30, 2011

ice n' cake

Two days after visiting Shops at Don Mills, we found ourselves back again with a craving for gelato. On our previous trip there we had spotted this place but were three hours early for the grand opening. Unfortunately, we didn't stick around that long for it so we promised ourselves we'd return again. The place is brand spankin' new, with a lovely layout and design. Besides gelato they have some pastries and cakes. One tiny cup of nocciola (hazelnut) was more than enough to fill me up. If you're in the area and looking for something sweet to cool you down, I definitely reccomend this spot.

Later we wandered into Roots, where I found some nifty knick knacks as well as lovely leather bags I could not afford. Besides Moleskine and Patone, Field Notes is up there with my top few notebooks. They all have a great, simple design to them that I love. I didn't know where to find them prior to this but Roots seems to have them! In the above photo you'll also see a glass bottle. I actually want to pick a few up next time I'm there. They seem great as a substitute water pitcher for perhaps parties and they look nice too.

Everything found at
Shops at Don Mills.

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