Saturday, July 23, 2011

visiting the shops

There's really no other way of summing up my jam-packed, eventful day than with photos. I spent the afternoon at Shops at Don Mills, the pedestrian mall, visiting all my favourite spots. I filled up on South St. Burger as per usual and afterwards decided to check out the Aroma Expresso Bar where we had a delicious Ice Aroma. The tiny chocolate that comes with extra order was a nice touch. After filling my belly, I was ready to browse the stores. The last stop was Anthropologie as you can tell by all those photos. The weather wasn't as lovely as I had hoped it would be but I plan to visit a couple more times this summer in hopes of trying all the lovely looking eats. Not pictured was my visit to Chapters elsewhere where I finally got my hands on 'The Book of Awesome' by Neil Pasricha. This will become my new subway ride book.

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