Saturday, July 9, 2011

behind the scenes

It's about time I catch up on some of these posts. About a month ago a friend of mine asked me and a few other friends to help her out with a project she was cooking up. The concept of it was to have the three of us models in extreme, stylistic versions of ourselves. To be honest, I don't consider myself much a model but anything to help out a friend! The morning of the shoot we set up our own little goofy accessories table (in the photo above), and we blasted the music. I had so much fun on set, getting dolled up, dancing around, posing for the camera, and just spending the day with lovely folks.
Sonya, one of our three models and house gypsy.
Kristian Solis, our photographer, hard at work.
Myself being a goof. I'm an unfit model.
Last but not least, Hazel. More than half of the photos captured of her were little happy blurs. She was just a ball of joy to have on set.

In the above photo and most others, you can find Princess Cabrera. She's the blue button-up back you see throughout this bunch, working ever so hard. She made our faces beautiful, got us into position, and all-in-all took charge. Although there's not a clear picture of her here, I'll be sure to include her in the part two of this post!

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Hazel said...

Ah, I love your camera! Thanks for posting this, m'love. :)