Saturday, September 3, 2011

the ex

A shaky shot from the ferris wheel at night.

One of the most notable things of the CNE is the food. What I was going to eat was really all I was planning around, then rides, games, prizes, and shows fell in the mix after. On my CNE eats list: deep-fried PB & J sandwiches, corndogs, Tiny Tom doughnuts, ice-cream & waffles, and lemonade. Unfortunately, my pocket change was not sparing enough for all these things but I had most of them. The corndog is always the staple though — I've never been to the CNE and passed up a corndog.

Tiny Tom doughnuts tossed in icing sugar.

These babies were the highlight for me. Although this day was filled with deep-fried anything and everything, I give myself one day in a year to go nuts. I'll be back for these next year.
By night, and after beating out several children and spending several dollars, I scored myself these Domo twins and a Despicable Me minion. I was also able to attend the Superdogs show and watch adorable pups do tricks, which is always fun. I even got to squish my toes in the sand at the CNE "beach". Later when all the lights came on I had some fun with bokeh and long exposures.
It was a long day but all worth it. I slept like a baby that night.

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Anonymous said...

I wish I went to the CNE this year. Don't know why I didn't go... Oh and I love the long exposure photo of the ferris wheel. It's beautiful :) Post that on Flickr and I'll favorite it in a heartbeat