Saturday, December 17, 2011

west elm haul

On a recent trip to West Elm, I got a little too excited by the amount of sale and also reasonably priced things. I went around the store putting knick knacks from here and there into my shopping basket. By the end of it, I had way too things and so the basket had to undergo a little bit of filtering. I did walk away with some great little buys though! I picked up a good bunch of these adorable felt ornaments for the tree.

Another thing I purchased was the summer 2011 issue of Anthology Magazine. I'm happy to finally have my own copy of this lifestyle magazine. It's quite charming with its gorgeous photography and graphics, and thoughtful articles. I've noticed the cutest of illustrations and even the fonts are worth a bit of hoopla. I'm seriously in love with the combinations of typefaces. All of it just served as perfect design inspiration.

I was particularly drawn to an article titled 'Fun & Games' featuring Brooklyn couple designers, Frederick & Mae (shots of article pictured above). It shows a glimpse of their process in making their signature arrows. I almost want to give it a go myself!

I'm hoping to stumble upon more issues of Anthology Magazine now that I know they're available at West Elm as well as
Anthropologie. This particular summer issue found at West Elm was originally $12, but now $7.99! Check out Anthology Mag's digital gift guide issue if you've got the time. There's some really great gift ideas, recipes, and DIY's!

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Anonymous said...

I need to get myself the Anthology Magazine!