Monday, August 30, 2010

i ♥ fredflare.

Why do I love Fredflare you ask? Well because everything is so cute! I'm big on cute things, and Fredflare embodies it. Their slogan is even "stay cute!". Fredflare carries a variety of carefully selected awesome goods. Only a few items are actually made by them. Unfortunately, I don't have a credit card and I don't live in Brooklyn, New York where their only door store is located, so I keep my eyes open for local Fredflare swag. Surprisingly Chapters carries a lot of the same stuff as well as Urban Outfitters and small stores downtown. This does give me some hope but often items are completely exclusive and inaccessible for me. Then on the odd days there are gifts! The only things I own from Fredflare are the mini golden elephant earrings (thank you sweetheart) and Pac-Man bandages courtesy of Hazel. I wear the earrings almost everyday because well I'm a sentimental folk and their cute as ever. As for the bandages, I treasure them like gold and don't let them leave their cellophane packaging. Here are some of my current Fredflare likes, in no particular order of preference:

Of all these items, I've wanted those PB & J earrings the longest! They're absolutely adorable and made by Etsy shop seller Komodokat. Everything is completely handmade by her, from smiling cupcakes and poptarts to smiling toilet paper. It's odd, I know but cute nonetheless! My top pick of the bunch would have to be these smiling milk carton and cookie posts!

If you would like to buy me presents, my fredflare wishlist is viewable here.

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