Sunday, February 12, 2012

november bloom

Bouquet I received on my birthday, November 2011.

I'm constantly stumbling across forgotten photos in folders I've tucked in within other folders upon my computer's desktop. It seems I need to do some serious organizing as it becomes harder to find files or folders I've labelled with obscure nicknames. I've never actually thought of my hard-drive as something that needed cleaning until not a professor of mine was having trouble one day finding a PowerPoint slide he wanted to show the class. His laptop screen appeared against the wall of the classroom, completely covered in scattered overlapping files and he jokingly said, "Excuse my messy desktop."

In addition to my virtual desktop becoming messy, my actual existing desktop that I do most of my work on is growing equally, if not more messy. For some this second semester of university seems to be easier but I'm finding it more challenging. I'm definitely doing a ton more painting than I anticipated, hence the messiness. I haven't had the time to take as many photos as I used to. In fact, a roll of film I started last summer is still patiently waiting to be finished. There's three more shots left! I'll try my best to finish it and get a new blog post up for you guys. I can't really recall any of the photos I've taken on that roll so I'm curious to see what comes up! Also, to get back into the swing of things I'm participating in a photography project called
The Meal, but that's another blog post as well.

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