Friday, April 6, 2012

through lo-fi eye

Often times after class or while I'm still downtown I dine out. And while I love blogging about food and the places I eat, I don't always have a camera on me. But with my phone in my back pocket at all times I'm conveniently snapping photos wherever I go and these usually end up on my twitter feed.

Last night's dinner was too good not to document. I had myself a date night at Fabbrica located at the Shops at Don Mills plaza. I've been there only twice before and I already have a favourite dish: the crab fettucine, mixed in cream sauce, unsmoked Italian bacon, and topped off with a soft poached egg. Delicious! I was so full by the end of it that unfortunately I had no room for dessert. I would make comments about how much I love the decor and design of Fabbrica but I don't have many pictures to pair — except for the view of their bathroom vanity and communal sink, haha. I will definitely need to remember to bring along a camera when I plan to visit next. Please accept my lo-fi substitute!

And lastly, as Instagram has been released for Android I've had my fun fiddling with it and processed these photos through the new app. Follow me on Instagram at the username: amandahoopla

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