Friday, June 10, 2011

road to snacks

Day 11

It's hard to say if this day is even blog-worthy. We spent most of the day on the road, waking up at eight and travelling from Como, Italy to Salzburg, Austria over a nine hour bus ride. Before we left Italy we had discovered a little gem of a grocery store across the street from our hotel called Billa. Everything there was grossly cheap so on the morning of departure, trails of us out-of-towners made our way across the road and back with grocery bags in hand. We stocked up on drinks and munchies to keep our tummies happy for the long ride. Funny enough, we made a stop for lunch at a place that was part servery, part grocery store. It was yet another opportunity to grab as many snacks as we could.

Eating was really all we had seemed to do that day. We arrived in Salzburg at night, had dinner, and went to bed shortly after. There weren't many pictures to show for except a few fuzzy ones of our hotel room and one of the soup we had ate that night. Therefore, I leave you with this single photo of a snack shelf.

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