Monday, June 27, 2011

my wishlist: summer edition

I haven't done one of these posts in a while and frankly, I miss them. It's a lot of fun for me to catalogue and compile all my favourite pieces into a little collage. Everything in this one seems to be the same colour though. I guess it's just my love for neutrals and nudes. You'll also notice more than one lengthy skirt on there. I'm trying to make them my summer staple.

Wrinkled Maxi Skirt; Off my Nastygal wishlist, this no-fuss maxi skirt is perfectly beachy with it's comfortable material and intentional wrinkles. If you have a lot of delicate or 'hand wash only' garments like I do, this skirt's washing instructions will probably be magnificent.

Club Monaco Wide Stretch Bracelet; I'm really into Club Monaco's jewellery of late.

Club Monaco Carrie Messenger; A darling little satchel from yet again, Club Monaco.

Urban Outfitters Skakuhachi Bustier; So fun and colourful!

Waist Gap Paperbag Shorts; For the days I don't wish to wear bloomers, shorts. It seems as though I'm navigating into a 'solely skirts as bottoms' streak with this wishlist.

Dieppa Restrepo Camel Rusty Boot; These boots are very expensive and out of reach for a gal who does not have a job or credit card. I can still dream right?

T.Babaton Catamaran T-Shirt; The making of this post divvied up over the span of two days. Two days on which the second day I went shopping and purchased this top.

ban.dō Pom Pom Flower; If I can't have this one, I think I'll have a go at my own.

Hibou Delehanty Cross-body Bag; The Gap satchel I've keep so dearly close to me for the past year is starting to wither. Threads have come loose, the leather is worn, and it seems to collaspe on itself. As novel as this rustic look may be, I think it's time for a new bag over my shoulder.

Zara Tulle Dress; I'll always have a soft spot for tulle and beige.

T.Babaton Taylor Skirt; I've been carefully watching this skirt over the past season and it's finally gone on sale! I must act fast before it goes out of stock. It is the model pleated midi skirt in which I compare all other midi skirts.

Big Baggu in Elephant; Perhaps there's rooms for a new addition in my Baggu family. This would be great as a shopping or book bag.

Mango Pleat Midi Skirt; And lastly, another pleated midi skirt. Why don't I just get one in every colour?

Just a note that you may click any of the item names and it will redirect you to the site where it is sold.

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