Saturday, June 11, 2011

order with the girls

Surprise, surprise. Well over a month ago, I did an Urban Outfitters order with my friends Nina and Sonya. I've only gotten around to blogging about it now because I've been so busy but I'm going to start catching up now.

As you can already tell from the photo, I picked up this
fighting bears double ring. I think it's rather adorable, although they are boasting their viscious teeth at each other—it's kind of cute. Maybe it'll make me look tougher than the delicate flower I really am.

In the poor photos below, I also picked this BDG classic stripe cardigan. I wish I had taken better shots of it. I suppose I could retake the photos but it is currently very gloomy out so these will just have to suffice. I'm lazy but if you wish to, you can have a better look at the cardigan here.

I'm proud to say that I bought both these items on sale! The ring was $6.99 and the cardigan $9.99, plus the shared cost of shipping of course. Not too shabby if I do say so myself.

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