Sunday, January 30, 2011


My lunatic friends attacking me. From left to right: Nina, myself, Caroline.

Hello there, chums! I know it's been a little while but here I am! Still have much to catch up on and so here is me starting. Earlier this month me and my pal Nina decided to make an online order to Urban Outfitters together in order to save our thrifty-selves a few dollars on shipping. The items we ordered were also a tad difficult to find in the whopping two whole locations in the city. We needed our fix. So we placed our order, waited an agonizing fifteen days, and it finally came! Being the eager little beavers we are, we met up at the mall and opened it together. When I say together, I mean Nina opened it by herself. I think this may have been her first package from Urban Outfitters ever (she kept the box). She was a little more eager than I was. Also, in this box was one of her long-awaited wishlist items, and what she calls a cardi-blazer. The next few photos are of Nina having at this naive little box.

She sits down in preparation, searches for a sharp object.

And she begins! The box never saw it coming.

Accompany these photos with urgh sounds, yelling, and the wretched (or beautiful) sound of cardboard ripping.

Here's what I got! I can now cross two items off my wishlist. Pictured here is the BDG Fisherman Cardigan in ivory, Cooperative Trompe L'Oeil Laptop Case, and Cooperative Eyeglasses Case. The cardigan is perfect! I would have loved it in that mustardy yellow colour but this seemed a little more practical. It's the perfect oversized sweater, a warm knit, and has these funky, big buttons.

As a person with terrible eyesight, the glasses case is perfect. I never liked using the case that's given with my own glasses. It has a quirky design, durable canvas, and spring band closure.

Tell me this isn't adorable. Unfortunately, this case is a smidge too small for my laptop making it a very tight squeeze. I'm too in love to part with it though! I keep thinking that one day I'll have a laptop that will fill it perfectly and everything will work out. Until then I will just admire it.

As for Nina, she bought this
Kimchi Blue Cutaway Cardigan Jacket in black, a Waylaid Bare Ribs Necklace, and these Cheap Monday Sport Tight Jeans in Stone Grey. Oh, and another friend of ours chipped in on this order and got this lovely, simplistic Triple Finger Ring. I'm pretty sure everyone was extremely pleased with their purchases. I know I am.