Thursday, January 6, 2011

little person, big crowd.

It's been a little hectic lately with getting back to school and thinking about university deadlines but here I am with a long overdue post. For the first time I ventured out to the mall for the infamous boxing day. I was determined to score some great deals and ready to push through crowds. Being a small person, it is fairly easily to be knocked from side to side by angry mothers and daughters with seventeen shopping bags. The lines wrapped around corners of the mall and I'd become a flimsy body in a sweaty crowd. Not to mention how messy the stores get. How will you ever know if you left the store thinking there were no more of the hat you wanted, meanwhile it's been quietly stuffed between a stack of jeans and a wall. To the average person it's hectic but to me it's disastrous. Dragging my neurotic self through the stores, I look everywhere with terror in my eyes. I dislike crowds so normally I would be safe at home, but on this day I would do anything for shopping. I realize now that the smarter thing to do is scope out street stores. Next year I won't be so naive.

H&M Floral Clutch

This probably isn't the best thing to start off with because it wasn't on sale but I had decided I wanted this purse weeks prior to boxing day. I'm glad I found it.

Urban Outfitters Paper Mache Mushroom Box

Although poorly made, I love this little mushroom shaped box. It's perfect for all my stud earrings that have been previously sitting on a tiny saucer plate in my drawer.

Urban Outfitters Lightweight Sweater Tight

I purchased two of the same of these. They're wonderfully comfortable.

aerie necklace

Almost everything at aerie was marked down that day and on top of that, red tag items were an additional 30% off. I wouldn't have bought this necklace if it weren't for the mark downs. I especially like the key pendant.

I chose to include this photo solely because the top of the right hand chain resembles a heart pattern. I think it's sweet.

I was so happy to finally get my hands on these. I adore all of aerie's boxers. A couple weeks before Christmas I had been in the store looking at these. I had tried on a couple things and narrowed it down to these boxers, a t-shirt, and another pair of sailboat print boxers. The deal was buy one, get one 50%off on tees, tanks, and boxers. I had weighed my choices and a t-shirt and boxers seemed to make more sense than two pairs of boxers. So there I was standing in the store gruellingly deciding between both very cute prints. I ended up choosing the sailboats that day so you could imagine how happy I was to find the whale print on even further mark down on boxing day. Below are the also adorable sailboat print boxers.

Two things I didn't include are this Urban Outfitters Pins and Needles Chiffon Open-Back Dress and American Eagle Cable Knit Tights because I may return these. I originally wanted the dress in nude but there wasn't any size. I even considered buy the nude colour in a size 12 and using it as material. The dress was originally $78 then marked down to $19 and an additional 50% off. It was too hard to pass up! The skirt falls a little long on me but it's nothing a few stitches can't cure. I must say I didn't get the best of deals but I was pretty satisfied with what I went home with. I'm ready for next year!