Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Nastygal, you're breaking my heart.

Nastygal has stolen my heart. Through my daily browsing I've discovered a plethora of things I love, most of which are on the Nastygal site. After much drooling over these wonderful clothes, I decided to create a wishlist solely dedicated to Nastygal. There are even more things I couldn't fit in this collage so perhaps I'll have another Nastygal wishlist post. It's a shame I do not have a credit card to buy from this online store. In all honesty though, I shouldn't be trusted with a credit card. There are too many things purchasable over the internet.

1. Unbalanced Crop Knit in Beige; Looking for an ivory, knit sweater and this one fits the bill!

2. Parker Pleated Skirt in Mocha; This lovely maxi skirt is also shown here in black. I'm longing to own at least one maxi skirt. I'm crossing my fingers this may be my first.

3. Caped Trench Coat; I'm really loving this colour at the moment in all shades.
Madrid Wool Hat; After a failed attempt at finding that Aritzia bowler hat, this is best next choice. Of course, in an ideal world, I'd have both hats.

5. Aleena Dress; I'm pretty sure I've posted this dress before on another wishlist but it's also available at Nastygal!

6. Peachy Keen Jumpsuit; I'm a sucker for ruffles and light pink, it's no wonder I adore this jumper!

7. Dante Trouser Shorts in Camel; I find myself really wanting to touch these shorts. They appear to have this interesting texture.

8. Rose Gold Cuff; Isn't this a snazzy piece of jewellery?

9. Crimson Chain Bag; I love that these quilted bags are coming back in style! This would be an adorable addition to my wardrobe.

10. Jeffrey Campbell Mendoza Suede Booties; I want these shoes!

11. Jeffrey Campbell Meeker Wedge Boot; These would be some real statement shoes though I would fear someone stepping on the back of my heel constantly.

12. Utility Trench Coat; Unfortunately, this lovely coat is sold but my search for a beautiful trench coat doesn't stop here!

13. Take a Bow Dress; The over-sized bow on the shoulder of this dress is so cute! I have semi-formal coming up at school and I would love to have this dress for the occasion. We all know that's not going to happen, but I can dream! I'll have to scrape up a dress of my own like this one day.

This is my wishlist, if any kind stranger is interested in buying me something. I actually considered creating a 'post-Christmas' wishlist but I feel somewhat selfish in the making of these although they are very fun. I love the idea of cataloguing all the things I've wished for and watch my style and taste change. I want to be able to look back and reminisce over the silly, the cool, the smart, and the long shots. With that, I will continue to make these crafty little collages.