Sunday, November 6, 2011


This season I made sure I got myself down to Nadège to try their new flavour of pumpkin macaron. I'm in a sort of autumn festive mood so I picked up two orange-coloured ones, the other being chocolate orange. Both were delicious though I am a bit of a chocoholic so I had to favour the chocolate orange one. I'm not sure if you guys will be able to tell but the Nadège sticker on the package is a rich burgundy/maroon colour which I thought was a nice touch for fall too. I was told by Nadège that the pumpkin macaron will be around until mid-November so hurry down there if you're looking to try it!

Next on my Nadège to-do list is to visit their new location in Rosedale at 1099 Yonge St.

Also in the spirit of autumn, I picked up this apple-sized pumpkin for two shiny quarters at the market as well as some other funky looking vegetables you'd find in a cornucopia. I thought this pumpkin was especially adorable. Hope everyone is having a lovely fall!

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