Saturday, November 19, 2011

time spent indoors

You've probably begun to notice that most of my posts and photos are indoors. That is because I don't get out much except for when I have to trek to school. It sounds rather dull but I promise I will get some fresh air soon! In the next few weeks, this semester will begin to wrap up and I'll have the holidays to revel in. Though it's getting quite nippy outside I have some plans to venture out and about over my free time. I'm also looking into redecorating my bedroom but that's another story.

With the weather dialing down I've turned to my trusty William-Sonoma hot chocolate. Perhaps you've read my tutorial post on how to make this lovely hot chocolate? I'm still discovering little tips and tricks to perfecting the way I make it. This time around I used a frother to foam up some warm milk before pouring all the hot chocolate into the mug. The foam just added to the wonderful tastes though I still topped it off with whipped cream (of course). There really is no question when it comes to whipped cream!

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