Friday, November 18, 2011

haight & ashbury

Lately I've been waking quite early in the morning to work on assignments and projects. The usual scene would be similar to the one above but imagine a scattered mess of papers, markers, paints, and the like. Situated in the living room, it's a quite open and calm workspace with the sun just about rising.

On this particular day I chose to take some photos of shirts, partly because I needed some drawing reference photos and partly because the shirts were just so darn lovely. The lot of them were snatched up by my father at a sample sale. The company is Haight & Ashbury, and though I'm not familiar with the brand I must say their shirts are wonderful! The contruction of them, the fine details, and the packaging — I loved it all.

Here are just a few experimental photos.

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Anonymous said...

I love the photos Amanda! And the shirts are so lovely :)