Saturday, January 28, 2012

city girl

Since starting at university downtown, I can't help but feel of more of city girl nowadays. This includes taking the subway, dodging pedestrians and cars alike on the street, tracking down my food craving of the day, and trekking across town to see if I can squeeze in a shopping trip before and between classes. In any case, there's a sure sense of hustle and bustle. Though I'm becoming quite accustomed to the lifestyle, my wardrobe is having a harder time coping. Whether the ground is covered in snow or I've stumbled out of bed far later than my alarm, I often opt for more comfortable and practical clothing choices which may not be the most stylish.

Free People's January 2012 lookbook featuring Karlie Kloss has a perfect balance of comfort and style. Any of these looks are easy to throw on but without the sloppy appearance. I look to this for a little inspiration though the weather would have to warm up before I could wear any outfits like these.

Here are my favourite looks of the bunch!

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