Monday, January 30, 2012

swedish kittens + danny roberts

I was always one to like Stockholm Magazine's Swedish Kittens editorial featuring Mona Johannesson and Bo Develius so I was more than happy to see that Danny Roberts had picked one of the images to do an oil painting of. Danny Roberts is easily one of my favourite artists. I'm really in love with his unique style of fashion illustration.

Last month he hosted a live stream painting and I tuned in every so often to see how it was coming along. It was really great opportunity to see his process. If any of you are still interested in seeing it, the last half is available for viewing
here. Or if you're looking to peruse his work, which I highly recommend, visit

Below is a rough sketch and a snippet of the finish painting! Mona and Bo are darn adorable.

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Igor+andré said...

Awe wow your too kind! Thank you so much :)