Sunday, January 6, 2013

christmas goodies 2012

I was a very lucky gal this year to be spoiled silly by my friends & family. Here are some of the gifts I received this Christmas:

From Hazel: Bookhou Printed Triangle Pouch, Tattly giftcard.

Only a true friend would support my somewhat ridiculous wish for designer temporary tattoos. With so many fun tattoos, it'll be hard for me to decide how to spend my giftcard but I have my eyes on the What to Focus On Notebook Set. This print by Marc Johns is one of my favourites, one that I pasted on the front of my own sketchbook in highschool. It would seem the only appropriate next step is to plaster by favourite illustration on myself. On top of the gift of Tattly, Hazel gave me a long-time wishlist item, local & handmade from Bookhou.  

From Nic: Rilakkuma Bear Plushie, Wilfred Galope Scarf

Upon handing this first gift to me he said, "You can't return this one, but you won't want to." And he was right. Available at Magic Pony, this plush is too cute words. I love it that is all.

I borrowed photos right from the Aritzia site to showcase my second gift, the Wilfred Galope scarf. It's so unique from it's asymmetrical look with non-identical stripes on either side. And apart from being distinct, the scarf is a 100% wool, blanket of warmth! I'll be bundled nicely this winter.

From Nina: Chloe Eau du Parfum, Herschel Laptop Case, Polaroid Photo Album

Before going on I must point out Nina's choice in gift wrap excellent pick. Underneath the Christmas kitty wrapping was a bottle of the classic Chloe perfume. The packaging is just gorgeous! Clean, classy, and feminine. It captures and compliments the scent perfectly. Along with the perfume, I also received a much needed laptop case since the purchase of my Macbook Pro a few months ago. The Herschel one is so well-made, making me significantly less worried. And for good measure, she threw in a quirky photo album! Quite the fitting gift since we both take massive amount of film photos.

From the folks: Madewell Lace Collar Tee & Bookshop Cardigan, Free People sleepwear (not pictured), too much chocolate.

Aside from an unhealthy amount of chocolate, my parents gave me the usual suspects (PJ's & several pairs of socks) but also the cash put towards a Madewell order I placed just last week. It arrived in the mail a few moments ago (as I am typing this) so I haven't photographed them quite yet. Hence, below are the item photos right off the site. The blouse has a dressy, detailed lace collar but still a comfy and casual material, and the cardigan is just a wardrobe staple done well. It even had elbow detailing, which was a pleasant surprise. Madewell clothes are definitely made well! *cue laugh track*

Other gifts from relatives consisted of chocolate, more chocolate, money, and more chocolate. Needless to say, I might require a few sit-ups.

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