Friday, January 4, 2013

gifts unwrapped

This Christmas I got myself down to The Paper Place to fetch gift wrapping supplies. I have a major thing for stationery and personalizing gifts. With each person on my list in mind, I picked out a suitable print. So along with my gift wrap picks, I thought I'd give you a peek as to some of the things I gifted to my friends this year.

To Hazel: Rookie Yearbook One, Morico Rabbit Tote 

For Hazel I picked out Rookie Yearbook One, because what blog-lovin', style-savvy, design gal wouldn't want this? And I found the tote at City of Craft.

To Nina: J. Crew Nautical iPhone Case, Untitled & co. Barbie Cross Tank

I was oozing stealth this year with Nina's gifts, taking mental notes on items she swooned over as we took on a big chunk of our Christmas shopping together. And even while she accompanied me to The Paper Place and had some hand in picking out gift wraps for others with me, I sneakily purchased her favourite print while her back was turned in the store. Not too shabby, if I do say so myself.

To Nicholas: Herschel Lorson Wallet, Old Navy "Jingle Jammies", Threadless Funkalicious iPhone Case, Club Monaco Utility Jacket & Flannel Shirt (not pictured), Turtle Beach Ear Force X11 Gaming Headset (not pictured).

For Nic, I bundled a plethora of wants & needs into one fabulous, manly Christmas gift. It's always fun shopping for a guy, especially in Club Monaco's menswear. Fun fact: all of these gifts can be worn at once.

And naturally, I selected the perfect gift wrap for his present, Christmas octopuses!..

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Hazel said...

Rookie Yearbook One has been a dear companion to me these past weeks, so thanks again, Amanda :)

Hazel approves of the nautical iPhone case and jingle jammies