Monday, February 21, 2011

something old, something new

Look what little gem I found in my parents closet! I love rummaging through my parents old things that have been stashed away. You never know when you're going to find something cool. I've already stolen numerous clothes from my mum. She has some great little vintage pieces. Anyway, after years of wanting an SLR this little bugger just showed up. I spent about $90 getting him repaired but now he's all brand-new and ready to go. I did a bit of research and learned that this particular camera is the 1962 Asahi, Honeywell Pentax H1a model. I feel like I have my own little piece of history. I can't wait to start taking photos with it! In keeping with the theme, I've edited these photos to be black and white. I'm a little cheesy.
Just yesterday I went down to Black's to buy some film. I wasn't sure which film was best to buy so I had someone at the store helping me. Of course he would say that Black's is the best film and I chose to go along with it. I'm not sure about the film itself, but the upside of getting this film is that processing is included, meaning I wouldn't have to pay for them to be developed. I would say that's pretty good! Wish me luck! I hope to do lots more shopping around with other film until I find one that I like best.