Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oh, aritzia.

Aritzia is always getting me. Their new spring/summer 2011 line is everything I have been looking for. I just love the amount of nudes and neutrals. I've also been searching cropped khakis and I think I've found the perfect pair! I've been to the store and tried some things on already. Now just to wait until I can afford them. The likelihood of me having all these clothes is between slim and none, but perhaps one or two? I'm currently favouring the Talula Betsy Blouse and T.Babaton Bette Tank. Their two very feminine, little tops I just adore. The kimonos are nice exotic touches too!

Now, usually I would write a little comment beside each item like I usually do in these wishlist series but this time I won't. I'm not being lazy, there's just not much to say. I love them all, I want them all! Feel free to check out the runway looks

6. TNA All-Star Chino in Taupe