Saturday, March 5, 2011


Guten tag! Just thought I'd let all my little cherry blossoms know that I'll be leaving for Europe on Saturday, March 12th. I'm pretty much giddy at this point knowing that I'm getting on a plane in 6 days, 18 hours, and 42 minutes. For those of you completely in the dark about this, I'm going on a Europe tour with my school's senior band! We've been rehearsing like mad musicians for the past couple weeks and now we're just about ready. While in Europe we'll be visiting four countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Italy. We'll be playing six concerts altogether. Other than that it's mostly travelling by bus, rehearsing, and of course, sightseeing. Expect lots of photos when I come back! Unfortunately, I cannot post while I'm there. I'm packing as light as possible, which means no laptop. This puts me in a bit of a blunder because I'm pretty certain I'll take over 8GB's of photos. I guess I'll have to butter up a friend who is bringing a laptop to transfer my photos. I'm also planning on bringing my darling Pentax! The locations will make for some beautiful shots.

But enough of my rambling. I've seemed to get a bit off track making the photos of this post entirely irrelevant, though I did edit these photos with Milan in mind. Milan is one of the stops on our trip and just happens to be recognized as a world fashion and design capital. I guess you could say I was going for a hint glamour in these pictures. Please enjoy this small compilation from the last week or two.

I'll be terribly busy this next week before take-off. I hope to post maybe one or two more times before I leave but if not, this is my farewell! I'll be gone from March 12th to March 26th. It'll be a lonely two weeks with you, blog. But for now, ciao!