Thursday, March 31, 2011

technical professional.

trench - Banana Republic, scarf - Wilfred, satchel - Gap, jeans - American Eagle, moccasins - Minnetonka

If there's one thing I learned while doing these little on-the-go photoshoots while travelling, it's that you must undergo a series of awful and awkward photos before getting even one mediocre shot. Why I chose to post the outtakes, I do not know but I will likely regret it later. This is the second installment of my Europe photo-diary.

Day 3

Still in Nordlingen, Germany, we spent the day visiting a series of castles, historical buildings, and cathedrals. After following the tour, we had a couple hours of free time in the small town to grab lunch and do a little shopping. A couple of us weren't particularly hungry so we chose to have somthing light at the Rathauscafe.

I had a little pastry that was nicknamed "elephant ear" and the boyfriend had this funny looking thing which was surprisingly delicious. At this cafe started the search for the best cappucino in Europe. This one was very good but not the one I declared the best.

One of two Chinese restaurants spotted in all of Europe we visited.

After lunch we visited a ton of trinket shops where I made my first purchases on a collectible, handcrafted ceramic elephant and a tiny coat of arms pin of Nordlingen. For bragging rights, above I posted a photo of my band's poster on a street corner in that lovely town. I'd say we were pretty famous. Later on that day we played our first concert which went extremely well. So well that we were paid for a free concert! I guess that makes us professional musicians.