Sunday, March 6, 2011

the collector.

I'm still here! I haven't abandoned ship quite yet. I'm just catching a little downtime before I head back out to do more shopping for my Europe trip.

A couple weeks ago I was downtown with some friends on a school trip. We went to visit the Tim Burton exhibition, which I highly recommend you see if you're living in Toronto abouts the TIFF Bell Lightbox or in New York near the MoMA. We finished quite early and were set free to reek havoc downtown. Upon visiting Urban Outfitters I came across the ceramic elephant ring holder I've been so eager to have. It was on my
wishlist ages ago but had gone out of stock. I was bursting at the seams with joy to see two little elephants perched up on a wooden table. The lovely Sonya kindly offered her credit card because I, being the unprepared shopaholic I am, fell short of change. Let this be my official and public thank you note to Sonya. I owe you!

This little, charming elephant completes me. As a collector of elephants, this one could not go unnoticed. I had to have it. There's also something adorable and utterly amusing about being able to stack rings on an elephant's face. I only own maybe three or four small rings, but I'll buy more just to get use out of it's trunk.