Thursday, February 10, 2011

well aren't you a deer.

Don't penalize me for my terrible pun of a title. I hope the few followers I have are still hanging in there. I feel like a horrible blogger for not updating as often as every day. I think this post will make up for a bit — at least I hope it does! I'm quite proud of how these photos turned out so I'm crossing my fingers you guys will like them too. It's a little deer series of its own. I had borrowed this lovely necklace from my long time pal, Nina. You may recall her from
this post. She owns a plethora of jewellery I merely wish I had. I was going to wear the necklace along with my dress to our school's semi-formal, which passed two weeks ago and I have yet to return it to her. It's been sitting in my room for some time so I decided to take a few photos before I had to part with it.

After experimenting with some fabric, I managed to scrape together this cute flower corsage. It was sort of inspired by the ban.dō girls. All I need to do now is attach a safety pin or clip to the back of it and it's good to go!

These next two photos are actually mishaps that turned out kind of cool. Maybe not from a technical viewpoint but I think they're pretty whimsical.

I'd love to hear feedback on these photos or anything really. My comments are hidden on my blog homepage but if you click the title of any post you should be redirected and on that particular page you should be able to comment! I'll be posting these photos on my flickr momentarily as well. Follow me on twitter for instant updates on any new posts and frequent blurbs from my strange life.