Saturday, May 28, 2011


After much solitude and work, I was able to break that with a small and purposeful shopping trip. I was shopping for a birthday gift for my friend Camille. Never have I been so efficient while shopping. I went straight into the mall, right to the store I intended to, and found exactly what I was looking for. I bought her the Monogram necklace from Club Monaco. I have to say, I tried it on myself and I kind of want one now, as well as the rest of the jewellery in Club Monaco and perhaps the entire store. Anyhow, I really hope she likes it. I took these photos last week as soon as I arrived home from the mall but I had to refrain from blogging until now. Her big ol' celebration was last night so perhaps she's already opened her gift. Let's cross our fingers she has and that this post doesn't ruin the surprise. Who could wait so long to open presents anyway?

While having this little photoshoot, I snacked on a chocolate and raspberry macaron I had picked up on the way home. Here are some photos so you may drool over how they are incredibly adorable as well as edible.

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camjt said...

GASP. amanda, I loved your's and Nick's present!! it's so beautiful,I would have replied sooner, but I only opened my presents yesterday because of my busy busy weekend! thank you again, love you always<3