Saturday, May 21, 2011

club monaco

spring 2011 lookbook

I've recently fallen in love with Club Monaco. If you were to walk in the store now you'd find an overwhelming amount of nude and earthy tones, which I love! It's definitely my inspiration for my summer wardrobe. I even like the men's collection, especially with the way they've laid out outfits in their lookbook. Their latest collection of jewellery is darling as well. It seems like the types of gems you'd find in your mother's jewellery box. All the pieces have a bit of vintage influence. I was just there yesterday trying them all on. While I was there though, I realized that my taste is starting to drift well above my years. In fact, my pal pointed out to me that I was the only one under 25 in the entire store. They even offer a discount to university or college students, which I will be next year but that information was no use to me while I was at the cash register last night. I'm clearly far too young to be in the store but anyhow, I'll still be a loyal customer and I have next year to look forward to! I'll only be getting older.

It's too bad Club Monaco doesn't have an online store or catalogue. It would make it much easier for me to gawk over their clothes. I suppose I'll just have to make more trips to the store. I'll definitely be saving up for shopping trips this summer.

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