Monday, May 16, 2011


Remember that lovely Asahi, Honeywell Pentax I dug up? Well, here I am months later having finally finished a roll of film and developed those babies. It's been quite the journey with my camera. Before taking any photos I made sure to consult with all my photographer buddies on tips and tricks but also have them diagnose my camera. As it was passed around from one person to the next, the consensus was that my camera was missing a
light meter — the one essential tool common on most SLR cameras. After looking up the manual, I found that there was nothing wrong with my camera but it just happened to be an extremely old model that didn't come with a light meter. Using my basic knowledge of how to work the camera, every time I went to take a photo I would assess the lighting and really just fiddle with the dials, guessing what would be a good setting and hoping that my pictures would turn out okay.

When I got my film developed I was actually pleasantly surprised. I thought maybe four would be visible and the others just blurred or blank prints. It turned out to be a nice batch, although, a little sporadic. You can see my hardships but I find it sort of endearing. I've already started to upload some of these onto my flickr photostream.

Can I pretend I actually took this photo? These few are of an older issue of an H&M magazine.

I really like this light leak.

For some of the photos where the colours were a bit off, I made some black and white edits. It's a lot easier on the eyes than some of the saturated photos that turned out.
One big mistake you can make with your camera is opening the back while there is still film in. I thought I had rewinded the film all the way so I peeked inside, exposing this photo. I actually quite like how my ruined photo turned out though.
I'm still not comfortable with the camera yet but I have a new roll of film in and I'm still experimenting away. It's going to take some time to get into the swing of things. For now, please enjoy these spontaneous photos.

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Anonymous said...

Your pictures are AMAZING Amanda! :) I wish my roll of film that I took with the camera that Isaac gave me turned out normal instead of stupid. Post some of these on Flickr already! Especially the one of Mariah's work and paint.