Thursday, May 19, 2011

by the docks

Day 10

I'm quite behind on my Europe photo diary posts. It feels a little silly to be blogging about my travels so long after the trip but I will continue to anyhow. At least it means reminiscing longer.

On this particular day we were still in Italy. The morning of, we rode the tour bus to the docks. It was exceptionally gorgeous out. I even picked up a blossom to put in my hair. It was a little cheesy of me but tourists are allowed to be cheesy. Then I realized I was allergic to the flower and threw it to the ground. Anyhow, we took a little boat ride out to beautiful Bellagio. We arrived in this quiet town from where we had a great view of the lake and the Alps.

After the lot of us finished posing over the seascape, we were free in shop around and grab a bit to eat. I visited a store called Bellagioseta, where they sold all sorts of accessories. I ended up buying this darling leather satchel for about €49. I just adore the colour. I also bought a small coin purse for Nina in another lovely colour I knew she would love.

Now, by the time we made it to a restaurant there wasn't much time until we had to get back to the dock for the next boat ride out. We ordered a pizza but as time got tighter we ended up asking them to pack it up as soon as it came out of the oven. We were running like lunatics through the town with this pizza box but thankfully we made it to the dock with time to spare. The pizza was eaten right at the dock and I have to say that it was probably the best pizza I had of my whole stay. It was packaged nicely too. It came in a nostalgic Disney pizza box — what a nice touch.

When we arrived back in Como, we took the funicular up to Brunate. From here you had the best view of the entire city and then some. If the air was a little clearer, I might have gotten a better photo. This one will have to suffice.

That night we played our last concert in Olgiate Comasco at the Centro Congressi Medioevo. It was bittersweet but we still had ourselves a good time, especially dancing to YMCA.

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