Friday, April 1, 2011

In the city

scoopneck - Gap, jeans - Gap, satchel - Gap, shoes - Minnetonka

Again, I never seem to have very flattering photos of myself.

Day 4

I have to say, this day was a good day for photos. The sun was out and we happened to be roaming this beautiful city boulevard in Stuttgart, Germany. We were scheduled to play a concert at a venue later that night but until then we were free to frolic these streets. Of course, there was a lot of eating on my part. It's safe to say that I spent money on food more than anything during my entire trip which I'm pretty content with. In fact, I did not by a single article of clothing for myself except a pair of drugstore tights. Surprising, I know. Anyhow, during this particular moment in time of these photos I was out grabbing lunch.

When you're in a foreign country and you can't read labels, sometimes you just have to assume things. I didn't know if the box I'm holding above was chocolate milk or not but I just had to assume, and I was right! I've never had a square box of chocolate milk before. It's probably only me that is so intrigued by this box shape. For lunch I had spanakopita which is something I always go for at home. Their take on this Greek classic was delicious!

More strolling down the boulevard, we passed a ton of souvenir shops, high fashion spots, and confectioneries. Just revisiting these pictures makes my mouth water.

I spotted one of the limited edition Keith Haring SIGG water bottle designs there! Unfortunately I decided not to pick this one up because it wasn't the design I originally wanted.

On such an eventful and jam-packed trip, sometimes there's downtime and boredom, usually on the long bus rides. These two out of place photographs were taken on our journey into Stuttgart. Check out the gorgeous lashes of my bus buddy.

The two above photos are taken at the music school we performed at that night. By the end of the night the band was completely tired. It's one thing to be so tired that you can hardly keep an eye open but it's another thing to be so tired you're bouncing off the walls. We were so hyper that night we started singing our entire set list and poorly, I might add. As embarrassing as it is, here I have uploaded a snippet of our singing. You can't make out much of a visual but the audio is sure there.