Saturday, April 30, 2011

a knack for eating

Day 9

What we noticed starting in Switzerland were enormous amounts of confetti leftovers in the little knooks in the ground. They were actually from Carnevale di Venezia, otherwise known as Carnival of Venice. I thought they were adorable. Little remnants of what seemed to be a wild party. Too bad we weren't there for it.

By this time, we were in Milan. We saw the famous La Scala Theatre and continued to the Duomo — the extravagant church you see above. I wish I had a better photo. It doesn't do the building justice at all. I'm sure if you Google it, there'll be a whole lot of pictures from all angles. Below is where we entered the La Scala galleria that was filled with stores like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and a very fancy McDonalds.

From here onwards we had free time to shop throughout the galleria, and of course the first stop is for food. We stopped for a bite at Caffe Martini for none other than pizza. For the second day in a row I was having pizza prosciutto, but I didn't mind at all.

We also had gelato on the way out! That's limone on the left and cappuccino on the right. Yum.

After eating, we went through the multitude of stores. Everything was so enticing, and before I arrived in Milan I was certain I was going to spend money on clothes here. It's sad to say that I did not. I didn't buy a single article of clothing here. I did buy two measly items though, both at H&M and under €10. I wasn't trying to be thrifty or anything. For some reason when I have money to spend I don't and when I don't have to spend I want to.

Towards the end of our free time I ended up at Gucci and strangely enough, not for clothes. Gucci has a cute little cafe right in front of the store for people like me who love clothes and food. It was a tad pricey but anything to eat at the Gucci cafe. Me and my pals ordered a round of cappucinos. If I had ordered the Gucci espresso I would have gotten the logo in the mug! Now that I think about it, why didn't I order that?

Just to show you how pricey it was, whipped cream in a glass is €2. But you know, I'm sure it's special Gucci whipped cream, right?

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